Lori & Blake’s Rocky Mountain Engagement

Golden hour magic at our Bear Lake engagement

Adventure Bear Lake Engagement

Date: July 18, 2023
Location: Bear Lake in Estes Park, Colorado

Hey there, wanderlust souls and hopeless romantics! Today, we’re diving into a heartwarming and breathtaking engagement session that took place in the stunning embrace of nature’s beauty – the one and only Bear Lake, nestled within the majestic embrace of Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. Picture this: crisp mountain air, azure waters, and a couple so head over heels in love, it’s contagious!

A Love Story That Defies Altitude: Meet Lori & Blake

Our love story begins with Lori and Blake, a dynamic duo whose love story has been blossoming like the wildflowers that blanket the Bear Lake area in the summertime. These two lovebirds share a connection that radiates warmth and joy, and you can practically see the sparks flying whenever they steal a glance at each other. Naturally, an engagement session in the heart of the Rockies was the perfect choice for them to capture the essence of their love.

The Rocky Mountain Dream: Bear Lake’s Spellbinding Beauty

Bear Lake – a name that conjures images of serene shores, towering pines, and crystalline waters. Tucked away within Rocky Mountain National Park, this natural gem served as the picturesque backdrop for Lori and Blake’s engagement session. With the sun casting its summer cool glow on the surrounding peaks and the emerald waters mirroring the azure sky, it’s no wonder that Bear Lake is a favorite spot for lovers, adventurers, and those seeking a slice of heaven on Earth.

Behind the Scenes: Laughter, Love, and a Little Adventure

As the engagement session began, it was clear that Lori and Blake were not only comfortable in front of the camera, but they also radiated an infectious energy that made everyone around them smile. The photographer captured candid moments of the couple sharing tender embraces, strolling hand in hand along the lakeside trail, and stealing kisses beneath the shade of towering trees.

But let’s not forget the unexpected adventure that added a dash of spontaneity to the session. A curious chipmunk decided to join in on the fun, scurrying around and popping up at the most opportune moments, adding a touch of whimsy to the already enchanting affair. It’s as if Mother Nature herself wanted to be a part of Lori and Blake’s love story!

Dressed for Love: Nature-Inspired Style

Lori and Blake chose attire that perfectly mirrored the natural beauty of their surroundings. Lori donned a flowing bohemian-inspired dress that fluttered in the breeze like the petals of a wildflower. Blake, on the other hand, kept it classic with a crisp white shirt and khaki pants – a look that seamlessly melded with the rustic charm of the mountains.

Love that’s Worth the Climb

As the day drew to a close and the sun began to dip behind the mountains, the engagement session concluded with a breathtaking panoramic view of Bear Lake. Lori and Blake, standing hand in hand atop a rocky outcrop, looked out over the water that had witnessed countless love stories unfold. Their journey had led them to this very moment, and as they looked toward their shared future, it was evident that their love was worth every uphill climb.

And so, dear readers, as the sun set on Lori and Blake’s engagement session at Bear Lake, one couldn’t help but be reminded of the simple yet profound truth – that love, like nature’s wonders, is a force that can leave us breathless, inspired, and grateful to be alive.

Here’s to Lori and Blake, their love story, and the wild beauty of Bear Lake that bore witness to their promise of forever. Until next time, keep exploring, keep loving, and keep creating your own extraordinary tales of love and adventure.


Location: Bear Lake in Estes Park, Colorado
National Park Service: Rocky Mountain National Park
Trip Advisor: Bear Lake



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