Intimate Forest Wedding in Evergreen, Colorado

Love in the Rockies: A Rustic Barn Wedding

Date: September 2, 2023
Venue: The Barn at Timbervale near Hiwan Heritage Park

Picture this: a picturesque barn tucked away in the breathtaking Rocky Mountains, where two souls found each other in the most unconventional way. On September 2nd, 2023, Lori and Blake embarked on a love story that reads like a modern fairy tale. Their journey is all about the beauty of connection, the magic of second chances, and the thrill of unexpected love.


Their love story kicked off in a hilariously unexpected way, thanks to their kids who attended the same school. Lori fondly recalls that awkward first date, where neither of them had a clue about what they were doing. “We clicked so fast; it was almost like the universe had our backs,” she gushes with a chuckle. Their stories mirrored each other in the most uncanny ways, turning their first few encounters into an adventure.

But what truly set Lori’s heart on fire was the extraordinary connection she shared with Blake. It was like lightning in a bottle, an electrifying experience she had never felt before. Their decision to blend their families was no small feat, but when they finally broke the news to their kids, it felt like the universe gave them a high-five. Lori and Blake knew they were on the right path.

Their bond deepened with every passing day, transforming their love into an unbreakable friendship. Lori treasures every second they spend together, reveling in the joy of having a partner who’s not just a lover but also her best friend. And it was this extraordinary journey that led them to the ultimate destination: marriage.


Blake’s version of their love story is just as enchanting. He can’t help but smile when he reminisces about their first encounter at their kids’ school – a conversation that started with a hiccup but quickly evolved into something extraordinary. Blake sensed something special about Lori right away. It felt like fate had dropped them right into each other’s lives.

Within just a handful of dates, Blake knew that Lori’s heart was as beautiful as her smile. Their connection transcended the ordinary, and he found in her a kindred spirit who understood him like no one else ever had. Their journey of discovery was a wild ride, marked by intensity and exhilaration.

Lori didn’t just become Blake’s partner; she became his best friend, too. He counts himself incredibly lucky to have navigated the rollercoaster of wedding planning with her by his side. Their love story, rooted in laughter, mutual understanding, and shared dreams, brought them to this monumental moment of commitment.

The Soundtracks of Their Day:

Music was the heartbeat of their wedding, and Lori and Blake had crafted a playlist that mirrored their personalities and the emotions of their special day.

  • Stay with Me by Daniel Jang (instrumental) – Wedding Party’s Entrance
  • Accidentally in Love by Paul Hankinson Covers (instrumental) – Lori’s Grand Entrance
  • You Are the Best Thing by Dylan Hartigan (instrumental) – Newlyweds’ Exit

Each song had its own unique significance, embodying different chapters of their journey. “Stay with Me” welcomed the wedding party with its enchanting melody, while “Accidentally in Love” accompanied Lori’s walk down the aisle, setting the stage for her grand entrance. Finally, “You Are the Best Thing” captured the exhilaration as the newlyweds made their joyful exit.

  • Walk-In: “Here for the Party” (instrumental)
  • First Dance: “No Doubt About It” by Neal McCoy
  • Father-Daughter Dance: “I Loved Her First” by Heartland
  • Mother-Son Dance: “Tough Little Boys” by Gary Allan

The reception playlist spanned genres and decades, reflecting the diverse facets of their love story. As they made their entrance to “Here for the Party,” the atmosphere was set for a night of fun and celebration. “No Doubt About It” encapsulated the unshakeable love between Lori and Blake. The father-daughter dance, “I Loved Her First,” and the mother-son dance, “Tough Little Boys,” captured the profound bonds between parents and their children.

These songs were handpicked not just for their melodies but for the emotions they stirred, transforming Lori and Blake’s wedding day into a modern-day symphony of love, laughter, and cherished moments.

Special Moments at the Reception:

The reception was a time for unforgettable moments, and Lori and Blake had a surprise that only a few lucky insiders knew about. Lori, Blake, Lori’s brother, and her maid of honor had something spectacular planned for the first dance.

Traditionally, the first dance was a slow and tender affair. But Lori and Blake rewrote the script. They kicked things off with a slow number, “No Doubt About It,” setting the stage for a romantic start. However, right in the middle of their slow dance, they switched it up to a faster track, “My Kind of Girl.” Lori, the queen of spontaneity, slipped behind a room divider and swiftly changed into jeans and a shirt she had hidden under her wedding dress. What followed was pure magic – a high-energy swing dance that left jaws on the floor.

After the whirlwind swing dance, Lori gracefully donned her wedding dress again, ready for a heartwarming moment as she shared a dance with her father. But that wasn’t all; there was also a touching Father-Daughter dance and a Mother-Son dance, followed by a sweet cake-cutting ceremony that satisfied everyone’s sweet tooth.


In Evergreen, Colorado, amid the rugged beauty of the Rockies, Lori and Blake’s love story unfolded in a rustic barn that seemed straight out of a fairy tale. It’s a tale that reminds us that love can sprout in the most unexpected corners and that real connections go beyond the ordinary. Lori and Blake’s modern love story serves as a reminder of the power of friendship, shared adventures, and the beautiful journey of discovering your soulmate when you least expect it. As they begin this new chapter as husband and wife, their love story continues to inspire, captivating us all with its modern magic.


Venue: The Barn at Timbervale near Hiwan Heritage Park



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